Biba is the BEST - so knowledgeable, welcoming, and really creates an awesome experience. From beginning to end, she makes you feel so relaxed and at home. -F.D.

I had my first facial with Biba about 6 months ago-and she literally changed my life. Not only does her warmth light up the room, her attention and focus is such a wonderful feeling that is often absent in the shopping/spa experience today. It is hard not to smile and be in awe when you interact with her. -B.S.

Without a doubt, the BEST facial in my life!!! I am 52 and have experienced many facials over the years; none of them can compare to my experience with Biba. -H.D.

I have been seeing Biba consistently about every 6 weeks and every time is better than the last. Her technique is amazing and my skin is constantly glowing! -D.W.

What can I say about Biba…LOVE HER. Went in for a facial and also got a shoulder massage which made my experience even better. My face felt so clean and invigorated afterwards. It was like getting a mini massage in a zen full spa setting. -D.L.

A facial with Biba is like a spiritual experience!! -S.H.